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This website aims to educate us city dwellers who are keen on growing vegetables in their home.  We will try to get you equipped with the basic knowledge on how to start your own vegetable garden.

Urban agriculture or city farming is not new in our country.  Many have been growing vegetables and fruits in their backyards many generations ago.  I was raised having Kamias (Bilimbi fruit), Langka (Jack fruit) tree, and Kangkong (Swamp Cabbage) grown in our backyard.  I still remember how delicious our homemade sinigang (famous Filipino sour soup) in those days.  The freshness of the kamias mixed with kangkong brings out the natural sour taste of the soup.  Moreover, nothing compares to the sweetness and aroma of the newly harvested Langka.  

We all agree that rural folks are healthier than urban people.  Aside from the fresh air that they breathe (plants produce oxygen), they picked their vegetable fresh from their backyard gardens a few minutes before cooking. You can Imagine all the nutrients that they obtain from eating fresh foods.  

It is time that we invest our time and resources on learning the basic of planting.  What a better time to get started on city farming. 


Greenhouse at roof deck
Watermelon @ 2 weeks

Okra @ 5 weeks

Kailan @ 40 days

Pechay & Lettuce @40 days






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